Clutch and Gearbox Repairs

Many drivers often overlook their car’s clutch and gearbox, these key components are essential to your ability to drive your vehicle and any problems experienced with these can put your safety and the safety of others at risk.

There are reasons which may be causing your gearbox or clutch problems, however our skilled and experienced technicians can help guide you through the process of fixing most concerns. If you have experienced any of the tell-tale signs of a clutch or gearbox fault, it’s important to get it checked as soon as possible to prevent more serious damage from occurring.

What kind of signs should I look for?

There are a number of signs which indicate that your car’s clutch or gearbox may need some attention. These include:

  • Grinding sounds when changing gears
  • Slipping gears
  • Brake fluid leaks
  • The clutch pedal feels unusually high or low or lacks feel.
  • The car may jump out of gear for no reason

If you experience any of these signs, contact us immediately so we can carry out an inspection.

old clutch vs new clutch

Why choose Seacroft Mablethorpe to work on your gearbox and clutch?

Although there are numerous garages which offer repairs to clutch and gearboxes, when you bring your vehicle to Seacroft Mablethorpe we can guarantee you a number of outstanding benefits.

  • We will help pin point the cause of your concern and offer a range of solutions to help get you back on the road as soon as possible.
  • We can carry out gearbox and clutch repairs on all makes and model of vehicle thanks to the extensive experience and knowledge of our experienced technicians.
  • Our approachable and friendly team are skilled in all elements of gearbox and clutch repair, so you can rest assured that we can rectify the problem at a price you can afford.

What could the problem be with my gears?

There are a few different problems that can occur with your car’s gears and clutch. While some are easily rectified, others are a little more complex and could cause more damage to your vehicle if ignored. For example, if your brake fluid is leaking, a simple patch repair might be all that is required, however in some cases, you may need a full gearbox replacement. Our expert technicians will be able to correctly diagnose the problem and rectify it for you.

Will we be able to repair my make and model?

Here at Seacroft Mablethorpe our highly skilled and fully qualified team are experienced in carrying out clutch and all makes and model of vehicle, so you can rest assured that whatever type of car you have, we can be relied on to carry out all work to the highest standards.

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